The London Look: Rosie Bossom

by Guest of A Guest · June 17, 2024

    What a dream it would be to live inside a Rosie Bossom-designed home. I mean, hell, we'd take just camping out in the bathroom she whipped up for new West London spot Julie's.

    From private members clubs and restaurants to townhomes and country piles, Rosie's penchant for warm colors and expertly paired patterns is a lesson in playful sophistication.

    Curious where you'll find this Londoner out and about, which spot she loves most for antiquing or what she's most excited for next? 

    Where are you from originally?
    Grew up in The Cotswolds.

    What brought you to London?
    Work and seemed to be the thing to do after school!

    How long have you been here?
    20 years.

    What neighborhood do you call home?
    Notting Hill.

    What's your job?
    Interior Design.

    What do you actually do all day?
    Good question, days seem to fly by. Usually spent visiting projects all over town then catching up with the team.

    Social smoker?
    Not no.

    Go-to pint?
    Peroni, half.

    Crisp of choice?
    McCoys Ridge Cut - Salt and Vinegar.

    Preferred pub?
    Ladbroke Arms.

    What's worth the wait?
    Spring in London.

    Tube or Boris bike?
    Lime Bike, too lazy to pedal!

    Tesco or Sainsbury's?
    Sainsburys, only because it’s closer.

    Weekend getaway trip?
    My parents in the Cotswolds, via Estelle Manor.

    Favorite restaurant?
    Riva or River Cafe.

    Marmite or marmalade?

    British stereotype that rings true?
    Complain about the weather. Either too cold, too wet or too hot.

    How do you take your tea?

    Most British thing about you?
    Caring too much about people’s manners.

    Least British thing about you?
    I don’t like Sunday roasts.

    Remedy for a rainy day?
    Bath full of pine essence.

    First thing you miss when you leave London?
    Hagen Coffee.

    Private Members Clubs - yay or nay?

    Where in town are you almost always?
    Notting Hill.

    Where in town would you never be caught dead?
    Oxford Street on the weekend.

    Best place for a fun night out?
    Starts at Egerton House Hotel for a martini, then who knows where the night takes you! 

    How would you describe your style?
    Opposite to my interiors, simple and monotone.

    Top shopping spots?
    Liberty - it’s got everything you want and don’t need. Alfies Antiques is another dangerous place.

    What's your greatest extravagance?
    Daily Deliveroos. 

    Cheap thrill?
    The V&A Museum.

    Who's your favorite person in town?
    My father.

    What's your most overused Briticism?

    Reading anything good at the moment?
    The Penguin Lessons.

    What are you most excited for next?
    Moving into my house.

    [Photos by Kirk Truman]