Everything You Need To Know On L.A.'s Art Scene This Week

by Alexis Hyde · March 18, 2011

    The good thing about art is that it's always fluctuating. Always new shows, new scandals, new trends. And now that spring is springing, and the sun is shining, it is a great time to get out of the house and look at some awesome art. Why? Because it's awesome. I already told you that. Enjoy!






    1. Recently, Blum + Poe's openings have been hard to track as they are not opening both floors at once and are instead treating them as separate galleries. It doesn't make sense to me, but they are doing something right over there so I guess we have to trust them? Henry Taylor opens on Saturday night on the 2nd Floor.


    2. ACME is showing a joint exhibition with Daniel Cummings and Iwan Baan. I am really interested in seeing Baan's photographs of Chandigarh. The city designed by Le Corbusier has been all over the news lately and I would love the chance to brush up on the architecture.

    3. Steve Turner Contemporary is also having a joint exhibition opening tonight, but my eyes are on the Christopher Michlig installation.



    1. If you haven't seen the Black Swan inspired show at Regen Projects I, you need to get on that. I know I gave it a little gruff before because it sounds like a stupid idea but it is incredible. The floor is a broken mirror that you walk on!



    2. While you are in the neighborhood, head over to Regen II to see the Wolfgang Tillmans show. It’s not very inspired, but it is nice to take advantage of access to Tillmans' work.

    3. M+B has the incredible work of Malice Sidibé hanging in the rear gallery. It is a simple but truly beautiful show.




    1. Larry Gagosian and James Frey are collaborating on a book together? Figures. [Art Ruby]

    2. Some people are asking if Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture is sustainable. Those are big questions. [Art Info]

    3. Graffiti artist “Smear” was arrested in LA not caught in the act of vandalism, but for violating his probation by holding onto equipment/stickers/markers used to vandalized. [LA Times]

    4. MOCA acquired some new pieces from some of my favorite artists like Sterling Ruby and Elad Lassry! [Culture Monster]

    5. There is a sit in by the employees of the National Archives in France over the proposed new museum. Vive le revolucion! [TAN]

    6. Kay Saatchi, the ex of THAT Saatchi, is selling off quite a bit of her art to make room for newer LA based artists. New player in town? [Art Market]

    7. Last but not least, art historian Leo Steinberg died this week. He was 90. [Lindsay Pollock]

    8. Dia Art Foundation vs. a Beer company. Not kidding. [MAN]

    General interest:

    -Everything you wanted to know about relational aesthetics but were afraid to ask. [Art Vent]

    -March Madness isn’t just sports! Tyler Green has a bracket for our favorite Post-War work of art!

    -Why is there no looting in Japan?

    -Why curation is just as important as creation. Amen.

    -Lazy Curator Name Generator. Sooo good. Hat tip.

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