Everything You Need To Know On L.A.'s Art Scene This Week

by Alexis Hyde · March 25, 2011

    Happy Friday all! I have done my best to scour the edges of Los Angeles to bring you again, an awesome list of things to do and talk about to sound fancy at cool clubs and bars and other hip things that I know my readers do. Have fun this weekend, don't do anything I wouldn't do twice and perhaps I'll run into you at a gallery or two?



    1. On Friday, THIS Gallery is opening a show of Megan Whitmarsh's entitled Radiant Decade. Love this space, love this artist, love that it's doing its own thing and opening on Friday.

    2. L&M in Venice is having an opening on Saturday for their exhibition of Liza Lou. She is a super favorite of mine doing complex sculptures and installations of everyday objects using tiny glass beads. I can NOT wait to see her work in person!

    3. Also on Saturday night is the opening for Michael Eastman: Vanishing America at DNJ Gallery.


    1. In honor of the late great Dame Elizabeth Taylor I think we should all go to LACMA and see their show Elizabeth Taylor in Iran.

    2. While you are there, check out their contemporary art show Human Nature. I haven't seen it yet (naughty) but I am going to make a point to see it this weekend!


    1. Quite a few artists and art professionals are boycotting the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi in response to reports that there are some inhumane conditions for the people who are working to build the museum. [The Art Blog]

    2. Guggenheim responded, but is it enough? [TAN]

    3. Richard Prince has been found guilty of copyright infringement for a recent series of works. The declaration orders that he will have to destroy all of the remaining pieces and contact anyone who purchased a piece informing them of the outcome. Eeps. [Hyperallergic]

    4. Jen Bekman has a zombie army? [Hyperallergic]

    5. A Chinese vase was valued at Sotheby's for $1,000 ended up being sold for $18 million. How did that happen? [CultureGrrl]

    6. The list of all the antiquities looted from the Museum in Cairo has finally been released. [TAN]

    7. "Pomp met circumstance the other day in the small, eastern Sicilian hilltown of Aidone, Italy, when a brass band greeted a truck bearing crates holding the 'Cult Statue of a Goddess,' the larger-than-life-sized acrolithic sculpture that was once a centerpiece of the Getty Villa at the edge of Malibu. The sculpture is the most important antiquity returned to Italy in the Getty's 2007 restitution agreement over looted art." [LAT]

    General Interest

    -Why do we love trees? (art related, promise)

    -March Art Madness! Are you participating?

    -This is so cool, a fashion designer reacts to an art collection.

    -And a dancer responds to a different collection. Two different museums. I am loving this.

    -Ikea art. Not what you think!

    -Art or fart?

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