Everything You Need To Know On L.A.'s Art Scene This Week

by Alexis Hyde · April 2, 2011

    Nothing happened in art this week. APRIL FOOLS! Man, I really got you there didn't I? I didn't? Weird, I totally thought that was going to work. The beginning of spring summer is upon us, and that means long leisurely walks between galleries and across museum grounds soaking up some much needed Vitamin D then going to a little café to discuss said art and other happenings with a nice cool glass of Vitamin W. Where will I see you this weekend?


    1. Starting at 3 in the afternoon, Materials and Applications are hosting a benefit for relief in Japan. They will be auctioning off a large Sasaki canvas at the end of the event where you get to watch him paint. Great event for a great cause.

    2. Cherry + Martin is having an opening for Mari Eastman on Saturday night. Her paintings are delicate and confusing. I'm really looking forward to this show.

    3. Also on Saturday night, Honor Fraser is opening their exhibition of Tillman Kaiser. They don't have much info on their website about it, so I am intrigued by the mystery of what will be shown!

    4. David Kordansky is also being mysterious regarding their exhibition, which opens Saturday night as well, of Mai-Thu Perret. Nothing really on the site, but her work is amazing so I am sure it won’t disappoint.


    1. So I'm going to admit something to you. I had no idea that OHWOW had opened a Los Angeles gallery until this week. How did I miss this? More embarrassing is that it's right around the corner from where I live. Zombie-status. Anywho, they are showing Scott Campbell right now and I have to go check out the new location! I will right this wrong!


    2. THIS Gallery has Megan Whitmarsh still hanging and I love going to this space because they are always doing something new and different. THIS is turning into one of my favorite spaces in LA.

    3. Norton Simon has, what I have heard to be, an amazing show of abstract painters from the 60s. Weather permitting; I will definitely be seeing this show this weekend.



    1. LACMA is reportedly going to be showing Ed Keinholz's most controversial work* that has been in storage since it was purchased in 1972. If this is true, that is amazing. Read more about the piece here.

    2. LACMA also is in talks to be purchasing that Christian Marclay clock film that everyone and their dog are talking about. Govan wants to project it onto the façade…Gotta do something to spice up that architecture. [LOF]

    3. The engineer who is helping save Watts Towers got interested, not because of a love for art, but for a desire of professional accuracy regarding the project. I appreciate his honesty. [Unframed]

    4. We’re really lagging guys, visitation to the Getty is behind even the De Young museum. Not like the De Young isn't great and I wish I could go all the time, I mean in comparison, bummer town. However, it’s a little reassuring that LACMA reported increased admission sales. [Culture Monster]

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    *Not Keinholz pictured.

    [Mai Thu Perret via; Eastman via email; Scott Campbell via; Megan Whitmarsh via; Museum attendance graph via; Zuckerberg street art via]

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