Everything You Need To Know On L.A.'s Art Scene This Week

by Alexis Hyde · April 29, 2011

    End of April showers, beginning of May flowers... or something. All I know is, it's warm enough to not wear a sweater of any sort and I am excited about that. I am also looking forward to the brief relief of the AC at galleries and museums while I am walking around town cursing at myself for forgetting sunscreen, again. So, here are the rules: Go outside, Wear Sunscreen, See Art, Enjoy yourself. Think you can do that? Good! See you around town then!


    Not much of note is opening this weekend, only OHWOW seems to be doing something fun, an exhibition for David Benjamin Sherry is opening on Saturday night. New hot gallery? Fun side of town? Interesting artist? Recipe for a good time if you ask me.




    1. MOCA Art In The Streets-duh. I'm going to keep reminding you to see this every week until the show is down. Warning you ahead of time.

    2. Liza Lou's sculptures are still up at L&M and words do not even exist to describe the perfection of these pieces made out of tiny beads. Mania comes to mind, but in the good way.

    3. Kris Martin at Marc Foxx is too good to be true. It isn't often we get monumental pieces like this in Los Angeles, and when we do, we have to show our appreciation with our attendance!


    1. Is Roger Gastman, one of the curators for MOCA's Art In The Streets, making money off of the show? He has a business that pairs up street artists with commercial businesses for campaigns, and although he is not working with any of these artists currently, if he does in the future and makes more money because of the success of the show…that's a hustle, isn't it? [ARTInfo]

    2. Andy Warhol accounts for over 17% of the art market. Not even kidding. [Art Tactic]

    3. Eli Broad talks about money, art and LA on 60 minutes. [CBS]

    4. Mystery donor gives University a Picasso to sell at auction so the benefits can fund science research. I love the crossing of the art and science. [Hyperallergic]

    5. Swedes want art to be tax deductable. This isn't something I have ever thought about considering the fact that I am not purchasing any/enough art to make a difference on my returns, but I am interested in the inevitable debate it will spurn. [TAN]

    6. Petersen Automotive Museum gets $100 million in property, cash and cars. Does that mean we will get a better looking façade? The museum is actually really cool if you are ever in the neighborhood, maybe pop in after your next stop at LACMA. It's less than a block away, worth a walk. [Culture Monster]

    7. Police finally capture Europe's most notorious art thief...and his mom. [Art Law Blog]

    General Interest

    1. If I stole your wallet, but you still had your wallet, would it be art appropriation? Interesting take.

    2. Brief History of Art Forgery

    3. Royal Wedding Art! It's as bad, if not worse, than what you are thinking right now. I promise.

    4.  Calvin and Hobbes creator, Bill Waterson, comes out with a new painting. Neither Calvin nor Hobbes, but exciting nonetheless.

    5. Three simple rules for an 8-hour performance.

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