Everything You Need To Know On L.A.'s Art Scene This Week

by Alexis Hyde · December 10, 2010

    I made it back from Miami, robbed of any awesome TSA molestation stories, but full of awesome memories of gorgeous beaches, people, and art. Let's all start planning for next year, shall we? Okay, enough nostalgia of 85 degree weather past and on to the future of what is happening in art in Los Angeles this weekend. Ready? Good. [Photo via]

    1. Okay, I lied, but I am doing this for you. In case you weren't there, here are a few good places to see and read about what happened at the various festivals in Miami this past weekend:

    -Hyperallergic asks if the positive sales in Miami means the market is back?

    -It's fun to see what and where the galleries went wrong, and thank goodness Paddy Johnson was there to do it for us.

    -Contemporary Art Daily took all the good pics.

    -Joanne Mattera was super comprehensive with her series: Fair Enough!

    2. In one of the more random gallery exhibitions I have heard of in a while, Ace Gallery Los Angeles is opening The Date Farmers this Saturday night. The Date Farmers is a clever artist name for the duo Armando Lerma and Carlos Ramirez who take inspiration from their Mexican-American heritage and the pop culture of California and it is in celebration of the Mexican Independence Bicentennial. Looks incredible. [Ace Gallery]



    3. Opening on Sunday at MOCA is a show that promises to be the talk of the town by next Wednesday. Suprasensorial: Experiments in Light, Color, and Space is a Latin-American light and space exhibition at the Geffen. Besides the fact that I am looking forward to being exposed to an entirely new canon of artists, there is a pool! That's right, a swimming pool. Disposable swimsuits will be available in the bookstore and you can go and tread water in the "psychedelic swimming pool." The Standard is going to have to up its game next summer. Just sayin'. [LATimes]

    4. The controversial David Wojnarowicz video that was pulled from the National Portrait Gallery that I told you about last week is going to be shown at a gallery here in Los Angeles. Before you make it over there, I just want to give you a heads up that it is dealing with severely tough material and won't be for everyone. That being said, I think it is important to educate ourselves on these things and fight against censorship in art. The CB1 Gallery has decided to show this piece during the Downtown Art Walk on Thursday and then through the weekend. [CultureMonster]

    5. On Monday, December 13, there will be a fireside reading at the Schindler House with Jeremy Sigler reading from his book, Crackpot and Chris Kraus reading from his book, Where Art Belongs. If you haven’t been to the Schindler House, it is beautiful, especially at night. The event is free, with a suggested donation ('tis the season), and sounds like a very fun and intimate event. What are you doing on a Monday? Nothing! Better see you there! [MAK]


    6. LACMA is opening their newest exhibition, India's Fabled City: The Art of Courtly Lucknow on Sunday, December 12th, and it looks to be completely luscious. Their blog posted some amazing pictures of the installation of the pieces. A little something to whet the appetite! [UnFramed]



    7. M+B is having their opening shindig on Saturday, December 11th, for a group exhibition curated by Matthew Porter entitled Bedtime for Bonzo. That is the title, need I say more?

    8. In international news, a Russian billionaire paid a lot of money for a private island where he can show off his art. Just let that sink in, his collection is so large that he doesn't want to or can't even contain it in the property he owns already and must buy an entirely new land entity to house it. I know it's not a pretty Bahamas island, but still. Show off. [TAN]

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