Everything You Need To Know On L.A.'s Art Scene This Week

by Alexis Hyde · December 24, 2010

    If you are sticking around the greater Los Angeles area over the holidays, you are in luck, there are great things to see and bring your significant other's parents to, who in turn be wildly impressed that you know so much about art and are cultured and just generally very wonderful. Good thing you have me to tell you which ones are the best for you to go to, right? Right.

    1. First of all, remember to check ahead of time what the holiday hours are so you don't look like a fool when you show up and the joint is closed! This really isn't news, just a friendly reminder that really applies to all things now. There is nothing worse than showing up somewhere and the place is closed.

    2. The Getty has quite a few shows that are very intriguing and scholarly and important. Also, the view is spectacular after all of these rains!

    -A lot of SoCal artist love is going on up on that hill. It is your duty as an art loving Angeleno to check it out.

    -Photography from the New China promises to be an amazing exhibition. The political strife that modern day Chinese have lived through has produced some incredible work that I am familiar with and I am excited to learn more from this even younger generation.

    3. Not into the west side? Don't blame you. Try downtown and go to MOCA and see what they have.

    -The Artist's Museum is still up and even the colors of the logo for the show make me happy.

    -SUPRASENSORIAL: EXPERIMENTS IN LIGHT, COLOR, AND SPACE is still up and I need to go just to see the pool. For some reason, even in LA, an indoor pool inside a museum seems pretty radical.

    4. And for you more centrally located folks, LACMA has some great shows still up and the grounds are so pretty to walk around:

    - We are heading into some of the last weeks of the William Eggleston show. No excuses.

    - I haven't been but I am looking forward to seeing the show India's Fabled City: The Art of Courtly Lucknow. One, because I like the name Lucknow, and two, because it looks absolutely luscious.


    5. Regen Projects seems to be one of the few galleries that are going to be open through the week, and Hanne Darboven has a show stopper up there. Then you can go down the street to Urth and get a fancy coffee and ruminate on the importance of contemporary art during this very consumer driven time. Or don't talk because you are eating their delicious pumpkin pie. Either way.

    6. I am surprised that more people aren't talking about the censorship of Blu’s mural by Jeffery Deitch at MOCA downtown. Luckily Hyperallergic is following the story closely. Read and rage against the machine with me! [Hyperallergic]

    7. This can be filed under the general knowledge category: Damien Hirst made another one of those diamond skulls, but this one is of an infant and is utterly terrifying. All pictures of it have been pulled off the internet (as of this moment that I am writing this) If you are in Hong Kong you can stop by the new Gagosian location and see it. But don't take a picture and send it to me. Cringe. [TAN]

    8. Yes, this means that Larry Gagosian's continued domination of the world is on track. I can't wait for a Gagosian in every city! Duluth! Congo! The Nile! The lost city of Atlantis!

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