Everything You Need To Know This Week On L.A.'s Art Scene

by Alexis Hyde · January 7, 2011

    Welcome to 2011 folks! It's been a rainy inaugural week, but now the sun is shining and the wind isn't blowing AS bad as it was and the thought of venturing out this weekend to all the openings is not as daunting now that I know I won't need an umbrella. Here I will give you the breakdowns of everything good that is happening this weekend, plus a little news so we have something to talk about when we run into each other at the shows!


    West Hollywood:

    -Before you hit the opening parties, head to Regen Projects and see Tom Peters perform a solo based on Hanne Darboven's Wunschkonzert from 3-5pm. They will have DVDs of his performance available at the gallery.



    Culver City:

    -Mark Moore Gallery just opened in Culver City and their first show is an easy but a goodie, 25th Anniversary. Promises to be a good hodgepodge of works.

    -Angles Gallery, one of my quiet favorites, is having their opening party on Saturday night (as are all of these galleries) for Soo Kim's exhibition Black Sun. Don't be fooled by her pieces, they aren't photographs but carefully cut up prints. Intoxicating.

    From Soo Kim's Black Sun via

    -Nathan Mabry is having a show of what looks to be his sculptures at Cherry and Martin. Color me intrigued.

    Santa Monica:

    -Brad Spence is having a solo show at Shoshanna Wayne. Very dreamy.

    -Greenfield Sacks has a group exhibition called Wall Works. Ruscha and Moses and Hockney, oh my!


    Robin Rhode, Car on Bricks, 2008 from Wall Works via


    1. LACMA is reporting a rise in attendance of over 9% for 2010! Way to be cultured guys, I hope you were included in this figure, I know I was! [Culture Monster]

    2. The Natural History Museum is building a $13 million entrance to house the remains of a 63' fin whale. Honestly? When I woke up and saw this news on twitter I thought they were building a $13 million whale and was very confused. I hadn't had my caffeine yet. [LAT]

    3. The drama surrounding the controversial censorship decision the Smithsonian made regarding the removal of the David Wojnarowicz piece from their exhibition is ongoing, as it should be. The Smithsonian Secretary has finally set a date where he will discuss it. We shall wait and see as to what will unfold! [MAN]

    4. Broad finally unveiled the design for his new (personal) museum that will be constructed in downtown L.A. Needless to say, opinions are being tossed about. How do you feel about it? [Hyperallergic]

    [Top image of Broad Museum rendering via; Tom Peters cello image via Regen Projects; Mark Moore photo via; Nathan Mabry sculpture photo via; Natural History Museum photo via; Broad rendering via]