JR Adds Another "Wrinkle" To L.A. On West 3rd Street

by Emily Green · April 30, 2011

    Go HERE for some more shots by Trevor Penna of JR's newest L.A. mural!

    Yesterday, French street artist and TED2011 winner JR revealed his latest large-scale masterpiece on the L.A. cityscape (conveniently located just down the street from the GofG L.A. office!).

    The mural, displayed on the side of Sushi Roku on W. 3rd Street in West Hollywood, is the most recent addition to the artist's Wrinkles In The City project of black and white wall paintings depicting faces across L.A.  Go HERE to learn more about JR and see the other Wrinkles he's been putting up all over town (they're really cooool!).