Lisa Eisner's "Psychonaut" Opens At M+B

by Emily Green · May 3, 2010

    Lisa Eisner's PsychonautLisa Eisner's PsychonautLisa Eisner, PsychonautLisa Eisner, Psychonaut

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    Saturday evening, renowned photographer and fashion editor Lisa Eisner debuted her latest works in her exhibition, Psychonaut, with a soiree at West Hollywood's M+B gallery.

    A sophisticated crowd including creative spirits like Vincent Gallo, Lisa Love, and skateboard legend-turned-artist, Steve Olson, cooed over Eisner's wonderfully colorful, psychedelic collection of photo collages.  She describes Psychonaut as if she "threw the photos in the air and cut them up as they were falling down."  The result is a kaleidoscopic effect from images of different natural elements pieced together like tessellations.

    Eisner also included a life-size dome of the same nature in her Psychonaut exhibition, made up of stained glass panels that mimic the patterns and colors of her photographs. The installation was a hit, as guests were able to walk around the dome looking in, and then step inside looking out as they mingled and sipped red wine.

    Psychonaut, a four-year project in the making, is an awesome adventure in color and light that even those who aren't lovers of art can appreciate for its vibrant and captivating visuals.  With it, Eisner gave the typically jaded L.A. crowd plenty to soak up and discuss, with most guests staying well past the the 8pm end time to take turns walking through the dome.