OMG, Coachella is, like, three weeks away and I haven't even started my juice cleanse yet! You guys stopped eating solid foods already, right? Seriously though, don't do that. Bad idea to fast/go on a liquid diet at all before your weekend in the desert because your friends will hate you for fainting during the M83 set, not to mention it's generally terrible for your health. Please eat something, only hummingbirds can exist solely on juice, but you're a human. Yes you are! Hopefully one who will be heading to the desert in a few short weeks and we know how important it is that you hit the shows, parties and what have you in style. That's why Dena Silver put together this super comprehensive guide to Coachella weekend looks.

Whether you're a boho kind of girl or the rocker chick type who hid tattoos from your mom when you were 16, here's a map to the items meant to inspire and help achieve the Coachella Weekend look you're going for, with comfort and practicality in mind. -Emily

**Keep an eye out for our Coachella Style Pool Party Edition!