Malibu High Teen Surfs Atop Moving Car On PCH

by Emily Green · May 13, 2010

    Yesterday, 18 year-old Malibu High senior Johnny Strange sent cops on search for him after he was spotted surfing... On top of a MOVING CAR. On PCH! Going nearly 50 mph! It seems young Johnny was getting a ride to school in his friend's BMW SUV when kids on a school bus behind them saw him climb out of the passenger window and hop onto the roof of the car as it moved with traffic on PCH. L.A. Now says the daredevil "crouched low -- like a surfer -- to avoid falling off as the vehicle sped down the road." Brilliant.

    Johnny is known for his thrill-seeking stunts and made headlines last year after he became the world's youngest person to climb the Seven Summits, the highest peak on seven continents. It's almost like his parents predetermined their son's proclivity for risky stunts when they named him "Johnny Strange"-- sounds like a teenage superhero character from a comic book.

    It's reported that the teenage driver of the vehicle with likely face charges of reckless driving and that Johnny will likely be charged with "riding outside a vehicle."  There's actually a law for that?? This is so rich in absurdity we can't help but find it hilarious. Only in Malibu would you ever see a teenager surfing on top of a BMW driving down the coast on the way to school.  And ONLY a kid from Malibu would do this.  Let's hope Johnny can make it to graduation in one piece.

    [Photo by L.A. Sheriff's Department via LA Times]