PCH Shut Down, 10 Fwy Halted After Drunk Driver Hits Water Main

by Emily Green · May 27, 2010

    A drunk driver is to blame for the broken water main on Pacific Coast Highway which caused the 7 HOUR closure of PCH and a halt on westbound traffic on the 10 freeway in Santa Monica.  Other than hitting another car or pedestrian and injuring people, this has to be one of the worst things you could possibly crash into.  A royal screw of the pooch.

    The drunky hit the main early this morning around 1am, causing an unrelenting geyser that eroded the adjacent cliffside and created a giant stream of mud to the thoroughfare. Crews could not shut the main off to stop the geyser until 6:30am and the mud flow was so substantial that officials didn't have PCH cleaned up and drivable again until nearly 8am when it was reopened.

    Needless to say, homeboy is in serious hot water in a cozy cell somewhere with a bitchin' hangover wishing it had been a pole.