SPOTTED: "The Hills" Filming At Brentwood Gardens RIGHT NOW. With Scripts In Hand

by guestofaguest · May 27, 2010

    Kristin Cavallari takes five with a cig as she and the crew wait for the other girls to arrive.

    Even Brentwood is not safe from "The Hills". The ladies of the cast are at La Provence in the Brentwood Gardens on San Vincente filming at this very moment.  One of our trusty spies (we're everywhere!) was having lunch at Taiko when they spotted Stephanie Pratt, Audrina Patridge and Lo Bosworth make their way up the stairs at the high-end outdoor plaza to the new cafe where they met Kristen Cavallari and the crew.

    You know Kirstin was seriously peeved when they came and disrupted her cig break, but being the good sport that she is, abstained from one of her catfights she's so prone to and kindly put it out to get to work. To be fair, she really only gets trashy like that after she's been drinking so I guess this was an off moment for her.

    Also on the scene were some beefy security guards on the lookout for pests. You know, because they might threaten the integrity and realness of the show. None of this is really that interesting except for the fact that crew members sat down at the outdoor table with the girls before the cameras were rolling to go over the lines of the script for the scenes being shot. True thespians at work.

    Our question is why they all schlepped out to the westside for this? We were under the impression "The Hills" was relegated to a 5-mile radius of Hollywood and West Hollywood but this suggests otherwise.  Does this mean a summer of stealth invasions of our sacred safe havens? What's next, Culver City? Echo Park? THE VALLEY?! God forbid, let's pray...

    Stephanie Pratt gets situated with her castmates for a run through the script.

    See the magic in the making. A crew member (with her back to us) sits with Lo, Kristin and Stephanie as they go over their lines before the riveting drama unfolds.