What Do You Think Lindsay's Custom Milkshake Tastes Like?

by Emily Green · April 27, 2010

    Yesterday, as we were gathering our Twitteriffic Tweets and included this:

    @lindsaylohan I love @milkshakes247 millions of milkshakes! 3 minutes ago via UberTwitter

    We immediately thought, "how much did she get paid to Tweet that?" Turns out Lindsay Lohan has whored herself out to Million of Milkshakes, the so-hot-right-now West Hollywood milkshake place that's become trendy, à la Pinkberry.  As are the other trendy dessert spots (Famous Cupcakes), Millions of Milkshakes has been getting celebs to endorse their treats by having them make appearances at the store and create their own custom shake. Now you guys can go try their Lindsay Lohan flavor!

    After getting booted from the promising feature, The Other Side, starring Woody Harrelson and Giovanni Ribisi because she was "not bankable enough" (ouch!), Lindsay's acting career, among other things, is a sad state of affairs.  In case you don't remember because you never even knew in the first place, her last film role was in 2009's direct to DVD Labor Pains.  So since she can't get work, Lindsay has to push milkshakes and misplace friends' Rolex watches for a living.  And lucky for her that those Millions of Milkshakes folks are even willing to have her associated to their brand, let alone endorsing it and creating flavors. We're thinking there may be something wrong with them, as brands and companies generally avoid her like the plague.  We're also left with the nagging question of what Lindsay Lohan's milkshake flavor tastes like, and since we dare not risk trying it ourselves, perhaps we'll never know unless someone out there is brave enough to and lives to tell the tale.

    What do you guys think it tastes like?

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