We Want To Be BFFs With Ashley Dupre Blog Commenters

by SUSANNAH LONG · April 9, 2010

    News items on Eliot Spitzer’s possible political comeback alerted us to the fact that Ashley Dupre is A) alive and B) has a personal blog with a friend called Stiletto Suicide. The blog is kind of . . . likable? Maybe?

    Yes, Ashley laments her notoriety in a very public forum, writes almost entirely in clichés, and says slap-worthy things like, “I’ve spent so much of my life perfecting the art of numbness,” and “I’ve given too much where it was never appreciated.” But she is in the unenviable position of knowing that if she calls that cute guy who bumped into her and gave her his card, he’ll find out about her hooker past. As she writes, "I am going to be the one that has to explain to my children and my grandchildren 'that' part of my life. All she signed up for was to have sex for money, and now everyone knows she had sex for money, and, more shamefully, that she was in a Girls Gone Wild video while wearing a trucker hat.


    Attempts at reinvention - a singing career, doling out relationship advice - haven't exactly met with acclaim. It's sometimes a downer to be Ashley Dupre.  Luckily, Stiletto Suicide commenters are there to hold her hand!

    In the self-help category, commenter Eric sweetly advises Ashley, "Don't ever change who you are for somebody," while Sandy insists that Ashley stay positive: "I think you will find love Ashley I truly do." Walter wants her to know that "most females don't become women emotionally till 26-28." Walter. That isn't helpful.

    The more pragmatic pp suggests:

    "Ashley, I really think it would be good advice, girl to girl, for you to just alter your name. Even if it’s to Ashley Duprati, or Ashley Degree."

    Certainly, there are detractors. (Although, judging from the nice: mean ratio, it seems some commenter-screening might be occurring.) Phil Pinkertom, for example, is apoplectic:

    "You hoar how did you get your own post column? From being a hoar! The post should burn."

    To which the Stiletto girls reply:

    "Dear Friend, It’s spelled “whore”."

    See? They have senses of humor!

    The award for most useful comment, however, goes to Don, who writes:

    "I’ve been arrested three times for excessive speed, reckless driving and alluding (running from the cops) and spent time in jail. An ex had an abortion of mine. I fought my dad on the eve of my 18th birthday. We are, however, very close today. In my teens I used to play the game where you breathe deeply and have a friend cut off the arteries that supply fresh oxygen to your brain, rendering myself unconscious. Yet, I’ve never done drugs. I’m an Eagle scout who’s 26 without a college degree. I’ve been an angel and the devil in bed."

    Then he suggests she email him.

    Us Magazine, what are you doing? The GGW screen grabs are more flattering than these.

    Other important facts about Stiletto Suicide:

    Ashley actually writes it with her buddy Andrea George, a happily married investment banker who really likes yoga.

    Right after Ashley's "On Love" item, Andrea has a lengthy post about a friend who died in Iraq. Holy crap.

    Ashley Dupre endorses Obamacare!

    Ashley includes a photo of herself wearing novelty bachelorette party glasses, "so Perez won't have to draw penises on my face anymore."

    Hopefully Silda will start a blog and Don will check in with her as well.