The Chain Game: The East Coast/West Coast War Rages On, Dunkin Donuts Vs. In-N-Out Take Two.

by MEGAN LESTER · March 11, 2010

    Objective: 100×100 In-n-out cheeseburger Cost: $97.88 Total calories: 19490

    Show us your next move, NYC!

    I don't mean to get all Tupac and Biggie on everyone, but the east coast west coast war lives on. In chains. That's right. I used to road trip every summer with cousins from New York and for some reason we found endless amusement in talking about the chains in each state. (See: You don't have DUNKIN DONUTS?!) No, NYC, we don't. But we hear you have Target now. Looks like you win this round. NYC +1

    Then again, you guy's don't have In N Out. Which means you also don't know about their secret menu: [In-N-Out's Secret MenuLA +1

    BUT in California, White Castle is only a movie, so I guess we’re even there.NYC +1

    Round One: NYC +2, LA +1

    I have no idea what Checkers is, but apparently you have it. NYC +1

    Though there are no Jack in the Box's in NYC, and I can only assume it's because New Yorkers don't have cars, and don't have a use for Jack in the Box antenna toppers. Or having them stolen. LA +1

    NYC doesn't have Noah's New York Bagel's, but that's because you have actual New York bagels, so you guys get that point. NYC +1 You also don't have Coffee Bean. Or Round Table, which means you don't know what Maui Zowie is, and my heart aches. LA +2

    Round Two: NYC +2, LA +3

    We don't have Filene's Basement, but I did see the recent designer dress stampede on the news. NYC +1, LA +1

    You don’t have Baja Fresh, Rubio's or Del Taco but my cousins said Mexican isn't big in New York. At least not Mexican chains. Which is the greatest misfortune yet. NYC +0, LA +3

    You guys don't have Claim Jumper, or BJ's, which saves you the obvious ententes. And love handles.  LA +1

    And Pinkberry started in LA, but you’ve yet to get Yogurtland. LA +1

    Round Three: NYC +1, LA  +6

    And the West Coast takes it, 10-5! But don't feel bad, I think the Chain game is like a drinking game. When you lose, you win.

    And of course, I invite you New Yorker's to tell me exactly how much LA is lacking- in White Castles only please.