We've seen our fair share of call out-worthy "influencers" during our time here on the interwebs, ranging from the clueless to the tearful to the unapologetic (and occasionally one who's all three, usually in that order). But no amount of battle-hardened social media nihilism could have prepared us for this chick. And we keep up with Donald Trump on Twitter, so that's really saying something.

Meet Alexandra Peirce, the influencer/YouTuber behind jewelry brand HRH Collection who's perhaps known more for her excessively unhinged rants than for her designs. In recent weeks, she's lost it over masks, the Black Lives Matter movement, and even defended swastikas (we wish we were joking). And the most disturbing part? She still has over 114,000 loyal followers! How come the people who hate "cancel culture" so much are always the ones who prove it doesn't exist?