If you listened to my recommendation and read Gary Janetti's book Do You Mind If I Cancel? (Things That Still Annoy Me), you know that he is a staunch creature of particularity, one who likes things just so.

If you didn't listen to my recommendation, are you legit not subscribed to our daily newsletter? I'm doing all of this work for you!

But I digress. One of the most entertaining things to come out of everyone self-quarantining is the daily morning show now being hosted by Brad Goreski in his kitchen featuring his partner, the aforementioned Mr. "Change? No Thank You," Gary Janetti. Since swinging by Starbucks for his daily order of "The Gary," a Grande Iced Cafe Mocha, no whip, almond milk, and only two pumps of mocha, is now out of the social distancing question, each morning their kitchen delightfully turns into Bradbucks.

Will Brad remember how to say the name of the drink? Will he do the syrup before the almond milk, or the two shots of espresso before the almond milk? Will he leave rings on the countertop!? Will Gary put in too much ice!?! Will it taste right!??!? How does he lounge around the house all day in a button down and jeans!?!?!!?

There is no better way to spend four minutes of your day.

Click through to catch up on the seven episodes you've missed so far!