Kacey MusgravesChrissy Teigan, John Legend, Neil Patrick HarrisRita Ora, 30 Seconds 2 MarsJay Z

LA was bursting with music mavens last night, as the 56th Annual Grammy Awards kicked off with Queen Bey and King Jay at the helm. Once everyone was able to focus on the awards again, and after Jay Z declared his latest Grammy as Blue Ivy's newest sippy cup, the crowd shifted and we were all feeling the Beatlemania vibes. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr performed together on stage (gasp!), while Paul also casually won another Grammy out of nowhere. Taylor Swift gave an amazing but also bizarre head-banging performance, and then watched everyone else around her win Grammys. We were pretty disappointed at the poor attendance however, as Rihanna, Justin, Miley and Kimye were nowhere to be found... and we assume Justin Bieber's intervention wasn't finished in time to attend. Click through for our fav photo highlights!