I can't be the only one who, deep in a mindless Instagram hole, stumbles upon somebody with millions of followers and an impossible body shape, who looks somewhat like Kylie Jenner but has no personal claim to fame to be found. And while this description could be applied to an alarming number of Insta It Girls, I'm presently referring to @Stassiebaby a.k.a. Stassie Karanikolaou. 

Earlier this year, the blonde bombshell began popping up more and more Kylie Jenner's Instagram, as she seems to have been a convenient BFF replacement of the now Kardashian-shunned Jordyn Woods. Her connection to Kylie has bumped up her IG following to over 6 million and this week she's even made some headlines of her own, being spotted with The Bachelor's Tyler Cameron (who was last linked to Gigi Hadid). 

But the question remains: Who is this girl and why the f*ck is she famous?! Click through for an investigation.

[Photo via @stassiebaby]