Video: "Jersey Shore" Lines Are Still Funny With British Accents

by Emily Green · April 26, 2011

    For every season of  "Jersey Shore", we took an hour out of our grueling schedule each week to watch the magic unfold. While Deena's constant battle with gravity and Ron's struggle with the English language are some of the more compelling aspects of the weekly shitshow, it's the quotables that come out of their guido mouths that really sweep us off our feet. My heart melts when Ron and Mike call girls "creatures". Clearly the excellence of these golden nuggets is not lost on the good people of Playbill who have released "'Jersey Shore' Gone Wilde", five short videos of Broadway actors doing their best Snooki and Pauly D-Oscar Wilde style.

    I always enjoy hearing people shit talk Sammi, but it's even better with a British accent. Check out the videos below to see for yourself.

    PART I.

    PART II.


    PART IV.

    PART V.