While most of us were waddling around in stretch pants the week following Thanksgiving, our dear friend Justin Ross Lee was doing what he does best: Jewjetting in the lap of luxury and being really shamelessly arrogant about it. But this round of JEWventures brought JRL to new lands... one of the forsaken fly-over states known as Michigan. Oh, you thought maybe he went for fun, to get a slice of 99% lifestyle? That's adorable, bless you. No, no, darling, getting JRL to step foot in the midwest comes at a price; in this case it was a paid appearance at an event, plus a laundry list of absurd, egotistical demands we actually have for you here in his rider and appearance contract. Let's observe.

NB: These are 100% real terms of his executed agreement (some translated into layman's terms where appropriate) for his November 26th appearance at "Bottle Wars III" at The Hamilton Room in Birmingham Michigan (seriously, I actually have a copy of the contract but am trying to avoid any potential legal scrapes as much as possible).

Oh, and you shan't go without seeing JRL's recent appearance on E!'s "The Soup." I insist!!! Go here to see "The Soup" clip featuring JRL at his finest.