The Post recently reported that our infamous "jew-setter", Justin Ross Lee, is in fact broke. We asked JRL what was up. Here is his official statement to us:

"Outside of the gross factual inaccuracies (which they are retracting), I love every word!... Except that they called me 30 whilst I'm 28. Who hasn't filed for bankruptcy? Trump, Alec Baldwin, Lorenzo Lamas, Larry King... I'm just an American statistic- A proud one."

Does it really matter that JRL is deep in debt? Not when it comes to providing us with ample material. Recently, our LA site ran a contest to find JRL a date to the Emmys. So, while the rest of the media is fussing about JRL's pretentious pockets being empty, let's take a look how this mini Sammy Glick just mingled with the stars at the Emmys with his hot date!