Justin Ross Lee Shows Off His Pretentious Pockets In The Hamptons, And Oh-So Much More!

by guestofaguest · August 9, 2011

    In the world of JRL, there's never a mundane moment. Whether it be showing off your Pretentious Pocket line to Betsey Johnson while traveling west bound on the Jitney, or shoving food into an unassuming girl's mouth, or hanging out with drag queens, the possibilities are endless. So what are you waiting for? So just take a moment and delve into the Facebook fantasy that is the one and only JRL, just to soak up his latest escapades. You know you can't help yourself.

    That's right, another Facebook album, another post for our favorite Jewjetter Justin Ross Lee. Turns out his newest project, Pretentious Pocket, has created enough buzz to make it to Page Six. As expected, a screen shot of the article is posted in JRL's newest album "Jewlicious."

    But what is this? Betsey Johnson tells JRL he needs to fail if he's ever going to succeed in the fashion world? I don't know if JRL and the word "fail" ever go together, especially since the Pretentious Pocket seems to be appropriate in all sorts of situations, as evidenced in "Jewlicious":

    1. When looking jewpendous next to "Facehooker" on a stripper pole.

    2. When casjewally having a drink with some drag queens...

    3. While pretentiously engaging in an interview, poolside and in pastel, of course.

    4. While seducing shiksas, his favorite pass time.

    5. Pretentiously posing with his "Positive Cash Flow" pocket square.

    6. And, of course, how pretentious could a pocket be if it wasn't color coordinated with your pants?

    I don't know Betsey, by the looks of things, it seems Pretentious Pocket is heading down the road of great success. I mean, they are made of 100% "Fuck You silk." But what else has JRL been up to other than endorsing his silky side pockets? Do you even want to know? Yes, you do, we know.

    1. Girls that enjoy kicking back and lounging with a cocktail or bottle or whatever. Laying in the lap of luxury ladies!

    2. Girls that enjoy his well established products.

    3. He gave his opinion about Bridgehampton Polo on the O'Reilly Factor on Fox News.

    4. Doing a little bit of filming there JRL?

    5. Hitting up the Hamptons, of course. South Pointe seems to be one of his favorites. What eccentric friends you have, JRL!

    Happy August JRL!

    [All Photos via Facebook]