In the film industry, the actors, directors, and occasionally screenwriters receive most of the fanfare. Recently, an awards show set out to focus on those behind the scenes folk who are just as important as the rest, but rarely receive deserved recognition. At the Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards, presented by Los Angeles Confidential magazine, the awards went to cinematographers, sound mixers, composers, editors and others who add depth to the films you love (and without which, frankly those films wouldn't be possible). Awards were presented by the likes of Natalie Portman, Amy Adams, Matthew McConaughey and more. Composer Justin Hurwitz caught our attention, he's already written movie scores for the award winning Whiplash and upcoming musical film, La La Land starring the always electric combo of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Justin’s musical ability is just one of the reasons we think he's one to watch - check out our list for the rest!