10 Reasons Why You Should Have A House Party

by Emily Green · April 27, 2010

    Go HERE for more photos from the night and tag yourself and your friends!

    Let's be honest, there's nothing like a good old fashioned, rip-roaring house party. When done right, house parties beat going out to the club or bar almost always.  The 'anything goes' atmosphere of a house party makes people feel at ease and free to do what they may.  Let's explore the many reasons to forgo another night out on the town and have a house party...

    1) In what other context is it appropriate to beat children's piñatas senseless until that Mexican candy comes bursting out?

    For a guy in trendy clam diggers and loafers this is a valiant effort.

    Have you guys ever even had a piñata with real Mexican candy in it? Not Pixy Stix and Lemonheads, but those watermelon lollipops with the chili coating on the outside? If not, get on that train, because they are delish! Mind the spice, though.


    2) You can be your own bartender. The old saying, "if you want something done right, do it yourself...", is most applicable in this case. Why do drinks from the bar always taste so watered-down? When you finally make your own it's like "oh, now I remember what a vodka soda is supposed to taste like!"

    A lovely spread of offerings to emulate for your house party.  Don't feel bad if you can't get yours to look quite as nice. This is one of the best we've ever seen. As long as all the necessary items are there, you're golden. But it doesn't hurt to make things a little pretty.


    3) The party doesn't end until you say so. And none of that 'last call' nonsense. How whack... No, no, the party rages on until you can't rage no more. You're the captain of the ship, the lord of the manor, the king of the castle, and you say when.


    4) NO BOUNCERS. OR BITCHY DOOR GUYS. Doesn't everyone love not having to deal with those silly idiots? It's such a pleasure when they are not a factor in the night and you don't have to put up with their powertripping attitudes and sass.  And what's up with bouncers being straight up rude to everyone when they are merely there for security reasons (read: to protect the sissy door bitch from getting beat into submission with his/her own clipboard by the wrong rebuffed would-be patrons) and not even the one calling the shots? Hey bouncers, don't be condescending to everyone around you because you're bitter about growing up to be a human punching bag. Go get your GED and see if you can turn things around. Crazier things have happened.

    We guess we'd be salty too if we were bouncing at Trousdale... Chin up, big guy.


    5) No outrageous valet/parking garage fees. Whenever going out, you know right off the bat that the night is going to cost you at least $10 before even doing anything, thanks to parking.  It's not unusual to spend $20 to park at a single place, and if going to multiple spots, we're talking ballpark of $30! And that's not even counting food or drinks. Even though we've grown accustomed to outrageous parking fees, whenever the attendant tells you it will be $15, do you still have the innate "are you kidding me?" reaction while they look at you with that deadpan expression? Although it might take you a while to find parking on the street close to your destination, there are no fees, making house parties highly wallet-friendly and a rare opportunity to give your sorry bank account a breather.


    6) Drinking straight from the bottle is totally acceptable and can even be made into a fun activity. Well, maybe there's not a whole lot of joy in drinking warm Jim Beam from the bottle, but in a party setting, doing so can make you a hero.

    Let's get trashy, y'all!

    Going down nice and smooth...

    Real friends help friends get hammered.


    7) Smoking weed is welcome, if not encouraged. Can't do that in a club/bar! And with this fair state's marijuana laws so lax, blazing it up in someone's backyard is practically legal. Plus, aren't the cops off that day due to our budget crisis?  As ridiculous as that sounds, it might actually come to that with the way things are going...

    Anyone who busts out the ganj at a party has to share with their fellow partiers. Those are the rules. Common Weed Law. And remember, it's puff-puff-pass.


    8) Decor can be a creative party project. People's creative juices start flowing when they're a bit intoxicated, or so they believe at the time.  Why do you think karaoke is done exclusively in places that serve alcohol? Facilitating something where partiers can exercise their creative sides leaves you with a lovely souvenir from the night.


    9) No need to go out to Cafe 101 or some other diner for a midnight snack - your (friends') kitchen is always open late!

    Snacks at parties are a really nice touch.  Even though you think no one will eat them, they always get eaten.


    10) No public restrooms. Now, you could see this as either a pro or a con depending on whether you are the one hosting the party.  If you are, then you're probably not too thrilled about everyone using your bathroom but that's just a small price to pay for having your own fiesta.  If you're not, then you run the risk of subjecting yourself to a bio-hazard that should require a HazMat suit.  However, if the hosts of the party are girls or gay guys, you're more than likely in the clear. But when it comes down to it, public bathrooms are in general pretty gnarly, especially in bars. One less trip to a public bathroom is an all-around win.