CDV Relaunches As Boudoir At Coco De Ville

by Emily Green · June 1, 2010

    After two years of bumping house and helping create that really annoying patch of nightly traffic that blocks the right lane on La Cienega going south, Coce de Ville takes a spin on the L.A. nightlife merry-go-round and will relaunch as Boudoir at Coco de Ville.

    The West Hollywood night spot follows the lead of its many predecessors like Foxtail and Area (now MI-6 and Industry, respectively) in the hopes of restoring a thriving nightlife scene.  The club, which shares a spot on the trendy corridor next to STK, lasted the average lifespan of nightclubs in this town under its original name and will debut rechristened and refurbished on Wednesday.  Hopefully, the original door policies remain intact so the suit-wearing 60-year-old men with bellies hanging over the belts who like to drink straight from Crown Royal bottle while dancing on top of furniture can still frequent the spot after dinner at STK.  Those dudes know how to party were kind of our favorite part of CDV, so fingers-crossed!

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