Dim Mak Studios Presents DUBSTEP Vol. 2

by guestofaguest · April 27, 2011

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    Have you gotten down with the dubstep movement at Dim Mak Studios yet? What was once and for many years an underground music style has exploded onto the mainstream in the last year in a big way. Like, even Britney did dubstep. We get it, it's kinda like a funkified techno with a heavier bass and probably sounds really cool when you're on drugs. Not that we'd know what that's like or anything, just if we had to guess.

    It's also a great excuse to jump up and down and relieve some of that stress you've been carrying on your shoulders. Nothing like body slamming and grinding up against sweaty strangers around you to blow off some steam from the day.  And if you happen to hit up Dim Mak Studios Loft Series on one of their dubstep nights, you might even get a Steve Aoki cameo like last night. Yeah, Steve looooves him some dirty beats. See how the kids were that sub-bass last night...