Get Your Club On At Hollywood's New Roxbury

by Emily Green · January 3, 2011

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    When we arrived at the opening of new Hollywood nightclub, Roxbury, last Tuesday night, we were pretty disappointed to find that there were no Steve and Doug Butabi impersonators in sight. Not a single one! Or even a sideways head-bob in their honor.

    The new destination for heat-seeking Angelenos nestled between Cinespace and Hemingway's on Hollywood Blvd shares an entrance with the latter; you actually have to walk through Hemingway's straight back to the end of the hallway of bathrooms to get to the hidden club. Once inside, however, as your eyes make contact with a sparkly bra-clad dancer on the bar and you feel the beat of some DMX circa 1999 pulsating through your chest, there's no mistaking you've just entered the latest incarnate of [insert name of any defunct Hollywood club].

    Allow us to submit the disclaimer that the opening night of a club is not always reflective of the type of place it will end up becoming after it's initial round of a dozen 'soft' openings. BUT, based on what we saw on its debut night, Roxbury seems to be the type of place you go when you want to hit da club. When bottle service sparklers, hip-hop, and perhaps some dancefloor grinding are on the agenda. I've never been to a bachelor party but I would imagine Roxbury is a great option to celebrate your boy's last night of singledom.

    There's a time and a place for this stuff, so when Hemingways' indie rock and chain-smoking hipster scene isn't what you're on the market for and you want the bro-ness kicked up a notch, there's Roxbury.