Get Your Last Paul & Andre Fixes Before It Closes On Sunday

by Emily Green · October 1, 2011

    In the seven-ish months since Paul & Andre opened its doors and diluted the obscenely over-saturated bottle service, fog cannons and dubstep scene to bring a little bit of NYC flavor up in Hollywood, the landscape of L.A. nightlife has changed. Namely, it gave us a reason to believe not all nightclubs in this city have to be tacky. I personally have come to love the place and spend entirely too much time there but at least I've been taking full advantage of a good thing while I still can before it closes on Sunday.

    [Photo via] When we broke the news back in February that NYC's nightlife barons Paul Sevigny and Andre Saraiva were coming west, this is how Saraiva explained their first L.A. project would be:

    "Nice. I think it’s going to be something people are not used to seeing, at least in LA. It’s going to be like, let’s smoke cigarettes and get naked. Like that."

    If you've been, you know he's obviously a man of his word. The nightclub at the end of the alley on Cosmo whose philosophy has stood in such stark contrast to the establishments just around the corner was bound to make an impression and a few things have happened since its arrival:

    1. L.A.'s ego has been checked by an unheard-of, harsh door policy where who you are or how much you're willing to drop on bottles has no currency. And a person by the name of Calvin might still hold a special place in the top five of many a local's shit list.

    2. The sect of Angelenos who knew better than to come within a two-mile radius of Hollywood Blvd on Amateur Night started going out on Saturdays.

    3. We've had a place to party past 2am.

    Paul & Andre's become a go-to for many but announced only as a six-month pop-up deal from the get-go, Sunday will be Paul & Andre's last official night of giving L.A. a dark, hazy velvet cave with a disco ball in which you're welcome to stir up some trouble. To celebrate its successful run and farewell, Paul & Andre has a full schedule of closing week festivities from now through Sunday, its last official night of regular operation, that I highly encourage you to hit up whether or not you're a regular or not and especially if you've yet to experience it. Below is the party lineup of Paul & Andre's final days:

    Thursday 9/29: Featuring sounds by regulars Max Van Ville and Dan Terndrup of Cosmic Kids. [Details]

    Friday 9/30: Featuring tunes by Dom Prietto and perhaps a live band performance. [Details]

    Saturday 10/1: Drinks, dancing and music courtesy of regular Gregg Foreman of Cat Power. [Details]

    Sunday 10/2: For the special final night event doors are opening early at 9pm and will feature a P&A "All-Star" lineup of sets from their best resident and guest DJs, including Dom Prietto, Gregg Foreman, Wade Crescent, Myles Hendrik, Max Van Ville, Dan Terndrup,  and more. [Details]

    These are your last guaranteed chances to savor getting into some P&A mischief. A lingering weekly night and stray special event like next week's after party for The Rapture may pop up, but no promises so better to be safe with a bitchin' hangover than sorry.

    [Photos via Purple Diary]