Girls Dance On Furniture Here, Too + 5 More Things I've Learned About NYC Nightlife

by Emily Green · December 16, 2010

    I've been continuing my adventures in NYC during my stay here and learning more and more about how this town works. If you missed the 10 things I learned in one night out, check it out—valuable information all Angelenos coming here should know. What I've been finding is, for as many differences between L.A. and NYC's nightlife culture there are, we have just as much in common. Like 1. last night I learned that New Yorkers smoke weed in bars/lounges, too.

    2. I also learned that with enough persuasion and people vouching for you, the doormen at places here will let you in the bar with an expired student ID and a business card if you don't have your legit ID on you.

    3. Remember that thing I said about L.A. being everywhere in NYC and you kind of can't go anywhere without coming across a fellow Los Angelite? Well, last night I bumped into one kid I went to high school with in an elevator, and today I saw my senior prom date at the taco place (yeah they have tacos here, just no breakfast burritos) around the corner from the GofG NYC office when I stepped out to pick up food at some place called LA ESQUINA. So I just want to stress my previous point that you will never, ever be able to escape L.A., even if you try, when you come here.

    4. Roughly 50% of all the people you meet on a given night are DJs. But only about half them have DJ names. And not to get all girl power or anything, but the best ones are female.

    5. But above all, the most important thing I learned last night is girls here will dance on top of anything, and actually seem to prefer dancing on furniture, just like they do at home at Trousdale or wherever. This chick went the Coyote Ugly route and stepped up onto the bar to give us all a one-woman raunchy dance routine. Look, the bartender doesn't even notice her and is only concerned with explaining to the guy that there's a $10 credit card minimum.