Grief & Goodbyes At The Bittersweet Final Animal Tuesday

by Emily Green · May 19, 2011

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    There are many different ways we humans deal with grief. Just off the top of my head—taking up a rigorous drive-thru only diet, watching "Real Housewives of Hades or Wherever" marathons in pajamas all day, turning to booze to help numb the pain, temper tantrums, lashing out at those closest to you in misplaced anger, or simply not dealing by living in denial, to name a few. And with this week's final Animal Tuesday, there was an array of expressions of grief from those who came out to bid farewell before the weekly party goes into hibernation indefinitely.

    Although goodbyes are difficult, those who stepped out for Tuesday's last Animal, at least for a while, didn't let their sadness keep them from making the most of the night.  After months of bringing us some quality Tuesday ragers with a variety of DJs and surprises throughout, the final party had to bring its A-game with Chris Kennedy, DJ Spider, Keith 2.0 and others on the decks to compose the soundtrack to this heartbreaking goodbye. Let's take a look at how these Animals dealt with the pain but kept the party going through the night for one last hurrah...

    It's okay to be angry.

    My dogs do this all the time and it looks like it feels really good, so vigorous hair-shaking might be a really healthy way of dealing with grief.

    Needing a hug is understandable, but you should always hug back for full hug satisfaction.

    Aw, c'mon man, there's no reason to cry! Animal will be back at some point and you don't want to get those gloves wet, right?

    I've never tried doing an imitation of an inebriated tyrannosaurus rex before but it looks like it's kind of awesome.

    And sometimes the best thing to do is get funky and dance it out.