Guys & Dolls Gets A Two-Week Court-Ordered Shutdown

by Emily Green · May 18, 2010

    Looks like the City Council of West Hollywood's vote last night was a big, fat "nay" on the matter of a possible appeal by the owners of club Guys & Dolls to a recent court-ordered suspension.  The club, which attracts a generally less-than-desirable crowd, was slapped with a two-week suspension and six-month probation period after an underage patron got hammered and was found passed out at the nightspot.

    Effective immediately, the shitshow will be shut down for the next two weeks and reopen after May 31st. The moratorium on lurking paparazzi, herds of obnoxious club-goers, and loud, drunken shenanigans the club attracts will be enjoyed greatly by residents in the West Hollywood area for the next two weeks.