Happy Halloween!: Your Last Night Of Costume Partying

by guestofaguest · November 1, 2011

    How's everyone holding up today after a full weekend of Halloween parties? This year, it's particularly merciless with the official holiday falling on a Monday following a weekend bender of debauchery. But it ain't over kids, so take some preemptive Aleve, drink water and power through it with tonight's final hurrah.

    [Photo via from our End of Days Halloween Boogie] Hopefully you've been consulting our handy guide to the best Halloween parties in town to get you through this sacred holiday. Just like we did with the days leading up to this, we've handpicked tonight's best 'ween parties so make sure to take a looksie, and use it responsibly!

    [Where to Play in L.A. This Halloween Weekend: The Official Party Guide]