(I've Had) The Time Of My Life... At Teddy's Again

by Steven Meiers · October 19, 2010

    [Editor's Note: Remember how we told you Teddy's Fridays were coming back with the help of our friends, iSHOWMYSELF? Well, it's happening, even Steven thinks so.] For the past two weeks, Teddy's on Friday night has been the best thing happening in Hollywood. Clubs in L.A. can't survive a few months before failing miserably or falling prey to Euro Trash, bottle service, Top 40s, and ridiculous fog machines, but Teddy's has stayed cool for over five years (generations in this world), slowing down at times but never lowering its standards, never becoming trendy or trashy.

    [Go HERE for more photos from Teddy's by Steven Meiers and tag yourself and your friends!]

    The unique crowd is what has kept it alive: freaks, rockstars, rich kids, models, skaters, stylists... It's not about exhibition of wealth like the "hot spots" that come and go, it's about interesting people that want to have a good time and get a little crazy. There's a certain feel that lets people chill out or go wild without the creepy drama of other places.

    The music has a lot to do with that, it's not like anywhere else; if anything it's kind of like the coolest middle school dance ever. Last Friday, Jordan [Masterson] and Myles Hendrik DJed everything from DMX and Destiny's Child to Violent Femmes and Dolly Parton, getting the crowd amped to Le Tigre and slowing them down with The Rolling Stones. Oh, and nothing gets the Teddy's crowd all hot and bothered like some Morrissey.

    ...Then the music rolled from Ed Sharpe to a quick silence before this song began. And for a second there was a collective "Ohhh Shit!" as everyone realized they were about to have that moment they dreamt of as a kid, swinging someone sexy into their arms and holding them close like the movie poster promised.

    I think Teddy's is back, and I kind of love it.

    [via commesdesfuckdown]