LA Strip Clubs: The New "It" Spots For The "Cool" Kids?


    Okay, admit it: Cheetah’s on Hollywood looks sketchy. Every time you drive by, you just think that old, creepy men sit around, ogling women all night, throwing their soggy bills at their tan, wrinkled skin. The place doesn’t seem too kind and definitely doesn’t seem cool.

    Further West on Hollywood, you see her twin sister: Jumbo’s Clown Room, which—undoubtedly—sounds like a place where strippers go to die. You clamp down onto your steering wheel, palms sweating, thinking about how no amount of hand sanitizer in the world could get you in that place.

    Strip clubs are gross. The end.

    Wrong: these two places have actually become the new “it” spots for Silver Lake and Thai Town’s own—and not just the straights, either.

    Specifically Thursday nights at Cheetah’s and Thursday through Saturday at Jumbo’s, you can find the hippest kids in town dropping bills for the hottest dancers. The environment isn’t sleazy at all: everyone is very polite, very respectful, very clean, and actually care a great deal for the performances.

    Even though the dancers at Jumbo’s are more talented, both locations are out of this world. Cheetah’s is the more expanded, Chuck E. Cheese version of the modern strip club, while Jumbo’s is a more homey, burlesque version of the concept. With patrons ranging from fortysomething couples to early twenties gay men, there is nothing to be intimidated by at these venues. And, with fantastic, polite, and kind wait staff (especially at Jumbo’s!), you have nothing to be afraid of!

    Even though strip clubs may not be your scene, these two venues are definitely something to check out (and both have theme nights and events—just keep you eyes open for them!). They’re fun, they interesting, and a card in the deck of LA nightlife.

    [All photos via Clearlight1971]