Larry King Holds Court At Trousdale

by Emily Green · January 27, 2011

    Now that he's retired from his 25-year run at that pesky nightly gig, Larry King has more time on his hands to soak up the good life. For some, that means infinite days of golf and Mahjong in Florida, for others it's cashing in on a Winnebago for U.S. road trip. But for this swingin' 77-year-old, it means hitting Trousdale on a Tuesday night.

    The King with his spry swagger did the all too familiar walk across Sunset from Boa/Soho House to the club where in-house celebrity wrangler Warren aka "Mighty Joe" waited to escort him through the riffraff.

    James GoldsteinDoes this mean Larry will spend his golden years as a Trousday regular? And if so, will he be one of the seasoned "Elders" in the main room enjoying the horror/thrill of being blasted by fog cannons over blaring house and top 40 hip-hop? Or will he be the James Goldstein type in the back room dancing in place to Hall & Oates' "Rich Girl"...?