New Lows: No Bottle Service Sparklers? Seriously?

by Emily Green · September 30, 2010

    Part of the fun of getting bottles at trendy Hollywood clubs are the sparklers. As soon as you see the procession of bottle service girls making their way towards a table with sparkling fire wands held over their heads, you know your next target to try and scam some free drank. Okay, half-kidding. But at a new Hollywood club, the bottle service girls wield what look road flares in various colors instead of the standard sparklers when bringing out bottles to tables. WTF?

    We want flames! Not some wack glowstick nonsense. Are you serious? You can't go from sparklers to road flares and expect us to get excited. A precedent has been set so it's just not cool or worth doing unless it's an indoor fire hazard.  C'mon now...

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