New Lows: Thongs Over Jeans For The Sitch

by Emily Green · October 13, 2010

    The SituationSo we love "Jersey Shore" as much as the next guy, and fully embrace certain elements of their steez like T-Shirt Time, and a new meaning of "grenade." But it became overwhelmingly clear last night that a line must be drawn when bikinis and tranny-wear counted as "going out clothes" for some ladies at Boudoir upon an appearance by The Sitch. This is L.A.-- there's not much we haven't seen, but string bikinis and thongs worn OVER jeans reach an uncharted level of tacky. Keep reading to see what we're talking about.

    Yes, people, what you're seeing in the photos here is indeed a bikini top and thong tied over a pair of jeans. Someone--actually multiple ladies-- wore this and things of this nature last night in public. In a club. I mean, it was Boudoir, but still...

    Although it may not seem like it most of the time, we do have standards in L.A. So if you're going to wear a thong and tranny gear out, go full throttle, none of this half-assed nonsense with jeans underneath. What is that?! Are you a Never-nude??!

    Never-nude Tobias Fünke, "Arrested Development's" token never-nude.

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