New Lows: Trousdale Blasts Unsuspecting Patrons With Fog Cannons

by THEO HENDRIX · October 5, 2010

    So we're not really sure if it's fair to call this a low since it had us keeling over with laughter... It was your typical Saturday night at Trousdale when - PSHHHHH!!! - cannons of fog streams from the ceiling blasted down onto unsuspecting clubbers. Chaos erupted and gaggles of shrieking girls in spandex and platforms were sent flying into each other and snaggling their weaves. It was a stealth attack no one expected and these were no ordinary fog machines; these puppies had power, cued to the beat of the music and blasting those caught in their stream into oblivion, not knowing what hit them.  The sight was priceless. Oh, if only we had it on video...

    Are these fog cannons new?? Maybe just new to us. We didn't even know shit like that existed this side of the Mexican border. But apparently it does on Saturday night in L.A. I mean, why not resort to attractions of trashy Spring Break clubs on amateur night (the L.A. equivalent of NYC's Bridge & Tunnel), right? The rules and standards of decorum don't apply on Saturdays anyway, everyone knows that. But does that mean we need to sacrifice all taste and embrace the tacky--er, run with it in this case--for the sake of a most satisfying laugh at your fellow clubbers? Absolutely, and if you're not on board just hit up Trousdale on Saturday night and see for yourself.

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