Paul & Andre Opens Tonight, What To Expect...

by Emily Green · March 4, 2011

    Paul Sevigny, Andre SaraivaBecause L.A. wasn't doing it, two dudes had to come here from NYC to get this town with the program and open a spot without promoters, which is probably why you haven't heard much about Paul & Andre. But as promised when we broke the news it was coming, we're keeping you up on what's happening with that mysterious little alley lair with no address that officially opens tonight, so here's the deal...

    [Photo via Purple Diary] Pretty much no one knew that NYC's Beatrice guys Paul Sevigny and Andre Saraiva were coming to Hollywood until our story because they're not doing it that way. See, there's this thing called mystique that L.A. seems to have forgotten about. It generates intrigue and preserves the cool because you're not seeing any Facebook campaigns nor teams of promoters who will "hook you up with tables." Don't get me wrong, we love our L.A. nightclubs and wholly embrace being tacky with bottle service sparklers and fog cannons. But there's a time and a place, which is why we're glad someone's changing up this town's nightlife plot and excited for Paul & Andre.

    Inside the Playboy Film Salon Celebrating Oscar Nominee "Waste Land" event via

    After a series of private events and soft openings last week, such as their friends and family night (a look inside HERE), a Purple magazine + Diesel party, Playboy's Film Salon Oscar Party with Bombay Sapphire event, and a Flaunt Magazine party on Monday, they will finally open their doors for real tonight. We hear it's going to be a tight door, and remember that thing Andre told us about no "bankers, bottles and whores"? That means you won't be able to buy your way through the door with table reservations and bottles. The best strategy here then is to get to know someone who knows someone if you don't already.

    [Photo via Purple Diary] After its official opening tonight, Paul & Andre will be open Wednesday-Saturday nights starting next week. As for what to expect inside, due to a lack of Facebook blasts, everything will have a degree of "surprise" but what we're hearing is a fluid DJ lineup that depends on which of Andre and Paul's friends are in town, like Samantha Ronson and Ruckus' sets last week. And make sure to keep an ear and eye out for some hush hush live musical performances, or just keep up with us here and we'll let you know.

    We'll be there tonight scope out the scene so come say hi if you venture out. Let's see if Paul & Andre makes good on its promise to keep things discreet and delivers some mystery to this town.

    Paul & Andre Cosmo Street (alley entrance south of Hollywood Blvd) Hollywood, California 90028 [website]

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