Society Reclaims Saturday Nights At Trousdale

by Alex Gilman · August 15, 2011

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    Over the course of human history, visionaries and altruists have joined forces and formed societies with the express goal of changing history and overcoming impossible odds, whether it's resisting Nazis or proving that the Earth revolves around the Sun. But here in L.A., a society has formed with maybe the most audacious goal of all: to create fun and unique nightlife on Saturdays. And despite being written off as Amateur Night, their Society parties at Trousdale seem to be a hit.

    Sure, we write about Amateur Night all the time, but have you really been out there and seen it for yourself? Taser fights, Christian Audigier blazers, Goldschlager bombs: it gets really, really ugly. But Saturday is supposed to be the best day: you slept in, you know you can sleep in again the next day; there's no way for fun to be more built-in than that.

    The solution to the Saturday night doldrums? Throw a party by interesting people (iSHOWMYSELF, Minx Society), with an interesting twist (live painting by CYRCLE), and it stands to reason that more interesting people, like those who usually shun Saturday nights, would turn out. With Will Crimes and DJ (N) in the main room and Ana Calderon and Aaron Castle in the back room, Rony's Photo Booth documenting the craziness, we may just have a chance of taking back Saturday.