Tea Parties Are The New Pre-Game At H.Wood's Tea Room

by Emily Green · April 14, 2010

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    Last week, a private tea party was hosted at H.Wood's Tea Room, giving guests a different kind of experience than what they're used to at the smallish, typically hipster night spot. With the lights on in the usually very dimly lit venue, the space felt completely different and allowed guests to see the surprisingly cool art and decor of the place.

    And this was also not your average tea party: guests were served H.Wood's exclusive line of Prohibition Teas, which, as the name implies, are infused with the magic ingredient of alcohol.  Sameer Gupta, one of the club's investors whom you may have seen around from time to time, is somewhat of a tea guru and came up with the idea of introducing a line of alcoholic teas. Brilliant.  With easy access to a spot like Tea Room, a focus group or tasting was no problem to arrange.

    The beverages seemed to be received quite well by the crowd, with everyone gulping them down like iced tea and going back for seconds and thirds.  What makes the teas dangerous is their tea-like taste; they're light and don't taste like cocktails even though they're probably as strong as your garden variety vodka soda.

    With the intoxication creeping up on guests, things started to get a little louder and looser towards the end and a spirited select few broke out into dance.  The party left guests with the perfect buzz to continue a night out when it was time to leave and move on to the next one. Angelenos take note: tea parties are the new pre-game.