The Main Room Vs. Back Room: How A Night At Trousdale Can Mean Two Totally Different Things

by Emily Green · December 14, 2010

    Although a single club, Trousdale offers two very different experiences to guests on the same night. The two courses of the night feature different music, different promoters, a different crowd, dress code and general scene. Let's observe how the fate of a night at Trousdale can be determined by whether you spend it in the Main Room or, if Jen Rosero grants you a wristband, the Back Room.

    Sunglasses Indoors

    Check out the differences in these sunglasses indoors-wearing specimens:

    He may be referencing Redfoo and attempting to project the irreverent party boy thing, but those pastel frame shades and bushy hair can't hide the fact that we KNOW this guy's wardrobe holds a considerable supply of Ed Hardy.  The ample man jewelry and graphic t-shirt are dead giveaways. PS we spy a crotch shot.

    Our friend here in the back room on the other hand is also wearing shades but in a very different way. A guy in a teal sweater and white jeans is clearly does not share the same concerns as our main room specimen. Wearing translucent club douche Scott Storch-esque glasses is a move towards irony, not emulation.

    Bottle Service Sparklers

    Although a basic widespread gimmick in the nightlife world, bottle service sparklers are highly indicative of what you'll find at a club. Notice here, the main room observes the sparkler tradition while the back room doesn't and the differences between them.

    In the main room, guys use hair gel and wear crew-neck sweaters over collared shirts. Also, girls in spandex dresses dance on top of the banquettes. But the back room boasts a preponderance of dirty hipster hair topped with vintage brimmed hats, leather, and girls drinking Stella instead of vodka Red Bulls.


    The sizes of the rooms play a crucial role in every clubs environment. And as we know, the bigger the room, the more people needed to fill it to make it feel happening and the less exclusive and selective it becomes. Like, you know you didn't get into MyHouse because you're special, they just needed a body. Apply this to the large main room versus the much smaller back room with a regulation-size pool table.

    Chicks Vamping

    You know you're in the main room when girls wearing skin-tight outfits featuring animal print and neon hues are getting down.

    In the back room, girls vamp it up with braids, crochet bits, and florals. Those sweet come hither smiles mean trouble.


    With all due respect to anyone over the age of 50 in a club, you're the old person in the room. BUT we also count you as some of our favorite party guests. All the years of experience have paid off and you have plenty of cash to blow to help fuel the night and our buzz, plus we love your stories about partying with Leif Garrett.

    Should you spot one of these seasoned midnight revelers in the main room, they're there because they had the money to be and bought a table.

    James Goldstein

    But in the back room, they're there because they're world-famous Los Angelites who own John Lautner homes in the hills and want to show their 20-something model girlfriend a good time on the town. James Goldstein, you're a legend in leather. See you next Tuesday?

    Fashion Statements

    There's a marked contrast in types of statement pieces you'll see between the two rooms. Faux fur such as this gentleman's is exclusive to the main room.

    Dia De Los Muertos face paint in the back? Why not?

    Rico Dolce Riot

    Dirty Dancing

    You certainly won't find girls in fishnets backing it up into a dude on the dance floor to Usher's "DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love" in the back room. That kind of dirty is reserved for the front of the house.

    And the only thing "dirty" about the couples' dancing in the back room to Hall & Oates' "Rich Girl" is his sweat-soaked shirt. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray made it look so effortless but it ain't easy busting those moves!


    Dancing in heels on furniture vs. having a cig with your friend in a hat and suspenders on the dance floor.

    Party Stance

    We'll let the photos speak for themselves on this one.

    The Meaning of Leather

    Even such subtleties as variation in leather jackets speak to the differences between Trousdale's rooms. In the main room, a leather jacket like this means "I get the Armani Exchange newsletter and if I look familiar, it's because I was on a VH1 reality show." In the back room it means "I'm into androgyny and roll my own cigarettes."

    The Mess

    There's also a distinction in how we trash the the place depending on which area we're partying in at Trousdale.  In the main room, a proper trashing includes drinks spilled on furniture, tables turned askew and broken glasses littering the floor. It should almost look like something violent may have happened.

    In the back room, it involves tipped over drinks on the pool table. And oops, someone forgot their pack of Camels in the ball pouch!