This Is What Happens When You Frequent Bardot

by Emily Green · March 31, 2010

    Bardot is actually a great nightspot even though it possesses many of the characteristics I list under places I try to avoid:It's big with multiple levels, parking is always over $15, there's usually a line to get in, and the door guys are rude and sometimes ask for a password (they're dead serious).

    However, I like - not love, but like - Bardot. Despite the less than desirable parking situation, the location is pretty convenient, on Vine just north of Hollywood Blvd., and Cafe 101 is just a hop, skip and jump away when you need some late night breakfast afterward.  And the fact that it's big isn't such a drawback either because it's mostly broken up into smaller intimate rooms, save for one big roofed patio, so you don't feel as if you're on spring break in Acapulco in one of those arena-sized clubs.  They also have great live music performances on the patio and are known for having surprise guest performers.  I saw Perry Farrell give an impromptu performance of "Where Is My Mind" and the anthemic "Jane Says" at the Bardot one year anniversary party which was a true treat.

    [Images via bjpandabear]