Tony Daly On Hollywood's New Eden: "We're Going Back To Basics"

by Emily Green · January 8, 2011

    "In an over-saturated market, we're going back to basics, back to why we got into the business, back to the glory days of Hollywood with this," Syndicate Hospitality Group's Tony Daly tells us today with the grand opening of the group's newest Hollywood nightlife venture just hours away. Tonight, Eden joins L.A.'s flossy nightclub-soaked landscape and we got Daly on the phone to answer how his latest production will be different.

    In the grand tradition of the Hollywood nightclub circle of life, SHG's Eden assumes the resting place of the former hotspot Opera on Schrader. Much like other clubs in the neighborhood such as Las Palmas and Premiere, Daly, along with partner David Judaken and designer Gulla Jonsdottir decided to forgo the ultra-sleek finishes and aggressive color schemes we've seen predominate nightlife decor (hey, Supperclub). Instead, they wanted a warmer, even homey, aesthetic with earth tones, exposed wood and twinkling light.

    So what kind experience can we expect to get at Eden? Daly tells us his aspirations for the 400-hundred-person venue are to create a "sexy space" that can be "wild and high-energy, but still has an intimacy to it." Open three nights of the week, Wednesdays will be geared towards a more hipster element "without the lasers and CO2 canons" through the help of local promoters like David Schneider, among others.

    Fridays will feature an A-list scenester crowd of boldface names and tastemakers, and Saturdays, Daly explains, "we go off." You hear that, fist-pumping house music fans? This is YOUR night at the new spot to beat up that beat. Guiding the Saturday crowd through a night of dirty electro, flashing lasers, and blasting CO2 canons will be a resident DJ duo of spirited hometown heroes who have made a career out of House Music Night. *Whoever* could these masters of subtlety be??

    Daly also tells us he wants all who come to Eden to feel like they've gained something from the experience and walk away with something physical to remember it by besides a hangover the next day. So, as each guest leaves the Hollywood club and recedes into the night, they'll get one of Eden's own candy and caramel apples. Get it?