What's An Angeleno To Do On Saturday Nights When Everything Closes At 2...?

by Emily Green · April 28, 2010

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    Hit up the speakeasy after hours spot, that's what! They do exist although in the most unexpected of places. And you can't Google them, you just know. Or know someone who knows someone who knows.  The only thing that gives them away is the line of hipsters standing outside waiting to get in. If you ever see a mix of well-dressed and homeless-looking young people loitering outside some unassuming building at 2 a.m. for what seems like no good reason, then you've probably just discovered their dirty little secret after hours destination.

    These places are far from what you'd expect at a typical night spot.  They're generally cash only (to conceal a paper trail of illegal alcohol service), allow smoking, make no attempt at being hip or trendy with the decor and ambiance, and will let you in without a hassle since you're obviously in the know enough to be aware of it, unless there's a password. That's when knowing someone who knows someone who knows is clutch.  Here are some other particulars that may be useful to the L.A. speakeasy novice for the next time they venture out into the world after hours...

    There's always a DJ, sometimes two.

    Expect to dance and don't let the fact that you have no rhythm keep you from having fun. No one else does either...

    ...except for this guy: Are those people behind him slow dancing?!

    Make sure you dress appropriately for the occasion. This means hats, anything ironic, post-ironic, refers to trends of the 80s, flaunts trends of the 80s and anything George Costanza would wear.

    Also, guys, miniskirts are socially acceptable so if you've been waiting for the right time to bust yours out, this is a perfect opportunity. This crowd will be ready for it.

    These are not the sorts of establishments that cut you off if you've had one too many, so it's always good to have a friend there you know you can count on when you can't remember your own name.

    If you don't smoke, you will while you're there. Most people do and the air tends to be a bit hazy. You're also going to have to check your neat-freak habits and standards of cleanliness at the door. Embrace the grime.

    And the most important thing to remember is to NEVER, EVER reveal the names or locations of these secret spots to the media once you discover them. You'll ruin it for everyone way faster than if it had taken its natural course.