"Yeah, This Is The New Teddy's" -Spare Room Bartender

by Emily Green · January 20, 2011

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    We finally made it to The Roosevelt's newest nighttime destination last week and we certainly picked a good night to go. Just one floor above Teddy's which was sadly noticeably quiet for a Friday night is Spare Room, the new bar/club/lounge/bowling alley/Jenga den.

    Apparently the Teddy's Fridays set had the same idea as us and decided to explore the new territory.  When we got to the top of the staircase from the lobby, a relic from our underage partying past who we haven't seen in HOT minute was there to greet us at the entrance. None other than Adam Tomei, our favorite doorman from Hyde and Area circa 2006-7 (whatup Sam Russ) was working the door. We felt totally at home.

    The narrow space was packed with patrons eager to bowl in its two alleys and get down with some Jenga (the tables have Jenga sets for us to play with!). The bartender made a ballsy comment to the effect that Spare Room is the new Teddy's. Such an outlandish statement would normally never even faze us but this one kind of stuck.

    Could gimmicks like Jenga and bowling really catch on and replace doing drunken laps around the Teddy's bar or dancing like no one's watching in our favorite dark Hollywood cave with good music? Or is this just a passing thrill from the novelty that will fade? We're leaning toward the latter, but only time will tell if the bartender is right. Until then, we're into Spare Room, but nothing is the new Teddy's.