Have A Theme

First, I always love and must have a theme. I feel like it ties everything together, helps you (and the party planner, if you have one) have a focus, and makes things function faster. 

Like even with Halloween. Yeah, people want to throw Halloween parties but pick something from Halloween. I was actually planning a Murder on The Orient Express Halloween party that was on the actual Orient Express. It’s retired in Los Angeles but if you pay extra it’ll come out of retirement and make a little trip. I’m also really obsessed with the game of Clue. So it was supposed to be like Clue on a train - someone was going to die and we were all going to dress up...

So a theme not only helps focus the party planning aspect, but it also focuses the guests and gives them motivation or direction. And that actually serves as the best implied save-the-date because they actually have to plan for it. They have to brainstorm and get a costume together. It gets people thinking. And if they have something to look forward to they’re not only more excited but more likely to show up. You’ll have less cancellations.

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